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Santander’s InnoVentures Distributed Ledger Challenge: Decoding Blockchain

I recently attended the Distributed Ledger Challenge hosted by Santander’s InnoVentures group in conjunction with OneVest and CoFounders Lab. Five finalist start-up companies participated in a Shark Tank-style format to a panel of judges versed in blockchain technologies and opportunities. For most of us associated with FinTech, the term “blockchain” has been generating increasing buzz. Whether it is in regard to start-ups or banks, there’s a profound sense of a sea-change in how banking and financial services will be provided with the advent of blockchain and distributed ledgers.


If you are like me, questions about blockchain go beyond what it is (although that is still a recurring question). They are more along the lines of:


How is it being applied to the processes and tools we know and care about? How will it be incorporated into products in a way that will change our lives?


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