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The Uprising of the Unicorn Club: What’s Next?


Last week, fascinated by Fortune’s Unicorn list, we created an infographic to figure out who these folks are, how long they’ve been around and where they live.  Turns out, great minds think alike (we like to think our minds are great!) This infographic illustrates the exponential number of startups that have galloped their way to a $1B+ valuation in the last two years.  What does this mean? Are their chances for success greater or lesser as their numbers grow? How much will VCs throw at them? What metrics will they use to evaluate their potential?  Revenue?  Scalability? Brand affinity?

Take a look at 4 companies knocking on the Unicorn Club’s door at the MIT Enterprise Forum NYC’s panel this Thursday November 5th 5:30pm-8:30pm Join the top brass at Axial, Fiverr, Handy and PRIV, moderated by author and MIT professor, Michael Schrage to hear their take on the future of the shared economy.  This herd of startups may join the ranks of AirBnB, WeWork,Uber and Lyft.  See you there!

In the meantime, check out this infographic from CB Insights that uncovers just who these folks are: